Break Your Child's Soda Habit Now To Avoid Lifelong Dental Problems

As a parent, you probably already know that soda is an unhealthy choice for your child. However, once your child gets into the habit of drinking soda regularly, that habit can be tough to break. Many parents allow their children to continue drinking soda simply because they're not sure how to wean them off it is successfully. As a result, many of those children suffer from lifelong dental problems such as tooth decay and weak tooth enamel. [Read More]

You Brush Your Teeth, But What About Your Tongue?

Your oral health plays a direct role in your overall physical health. While most people focus on caring for the teeth and gums, your tongue shouldn't be neglected, either. In fact, brushing your tongue has been shown to be incredibly important for a number of reasons. Below, you'll learn why your dentist tell you your tongue needs attention and how you can best keep it clean each and every day. [Read More]

4 Habits That Harm Kids' Dental Health

Every morning and night, you lovingly command your kids to brush their teeth.  You also schedule regular checkups for them at the dentist.  Despite your vigilance about their dental hygiene, they may be engaging in behaviors that can harm their teeth.  If you have young kids at home, consider helping them break the following 4 destructive dental habits. Chewing on Hard Objects Do your young kids constantly plop hard objects into their mouths in order to chew on them. [Read More]