Teeth Hurt in the Cold? It is Not Normal

Getting Dentures In Four Easy Steps

Your teeth are important in more ways than one. They allow you to express yourself through your smile, and they also have the important task of helping you chew your food. When you're missing some or all of your teeth, it can be hard to participate fully in social functions, especially when they involve meals. Luckily, dentures are the perfect solution. Here are four steps you'll need to take in order to get your first set of dentures:

1. Wait until your mouth heals.

If you lost your teeth due to an injury or you had to have them pulled, you'll have to wait to get dentures until your gums are fully healed. It can take up to a month for your mouth to be properly healed, so be patient and follow your dentist's instructions for wound care. Take all antibiotics as prescribed, and avoid smoking or drinking through a straw at this time, since these activities can lead to painful dry sockets.

2. Have your dentures fitted.

You will have to go to your dentist for a consultation. They will perform an exam and take a mold of your mouth to ensure a proper fit. This is typically performed over several dentist visits, since there are many factors to take into account. Your dentist will take a mold of your jaw, and they'll also take bite impressions from you in order to figure out how your new teeth should fit together.

3. Try on a prototype.

Dentures are made with care from high quality materials, so before they are finalized, you'll try on a prototype of your dentures. According to the Professional Denture Center, the mock-up of your dentures is usually made from wax. At this time, your dentist will check the fit and make sure that your dentures fit together as they should. Any necessary adjustments will be noted and changed before the final product is created.

4. Receive your dentures.

Finally, you'll return to your dentist to receive your final dentures. These are typically made from resin or porcelain for longevity and durability. Your dentist will check the fit one final time and send you home with instructions on how to properly care for your new dentures.

Dentures can improve your quality of life, and getting a them is a simple process. These steps can help you get a dentures in just a few short weeks. If you're interested in dentures, a denture clinic can get you started with an initial consultation.